Monday, January 4, 2010

Looks like it's the Fey Tarot

Looks like the Fey Tarot won the poll. That will be my main PDR for the year. I will however use other decks here and there.
I already posted my Animal Totems for 2010. If anyone would like one of those readings let me know. I have always found them very insightful.

Here is the spread I used for today...
Embracing a New Year

1 - What could you do with leaving behind from last year? 7 of Wands. Actually this is one of my favorite cards in the deck. I guess I can leave behind being defensive. That would be a good thing. I think I take offense too easily or feel like I'm being "attacked" or put down. Also hopefully I'm leaving any little demons behind. I'm maybe not sure what those are... self-doubt, insecurity... Hopefully I get spend more time nurturing that pretty plant in the picture and not defending it so much. I can let the light in me shine, and not worry about the shadows so much.
2 - What could you do with taking with you into this year? 8 of Chalices. To me this signals a journey with a definite prize at the end. I've already planned more classes to take professionally and personally/spiritually.
3 - And what new habit/intention/baby step would be positive to learn/adopt? XV The Devil... I am sure it's not telling me to give into temptation. LOL! I actually see this as more about conserving resources and purging... living more simply to not be tempted. Scale back... only get/keep what you need. But I also see something somewhat happy about this little guy... he is an awfully cute creature.

I'm sure I'll think of more later... pretty tired right now.

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  1. Looks like you have chosen your PDR deck! Yeah! I voted for the Fey. It was almost my deck of choice and so I will be watching to see how it works with you.

    Good luck on your PDR adventure.