Monday, January 4, 2010

Looks like it's the Fey Tarot

Looks like the Fey Tarot won the poll. That will be my main PDR for the year. I will however use other decks here and there.
I already posted my Animal Totems for 2010. If anyone would like one of those readings let me know. I have always found them very insightful.

Here is the spread I used for today...
Embracing a New Year

1 - What could you do with leaving behind from last year? 7 of Wands. Actually this is one of my favorite cards in the deck. I guess I can leave behind being defensive. That would be a good thing. I think I take offense too easily or feel like I'm being "attacked" or put down. Also hopefully I'm leaving any little demons behind. I'm maybe not sure what those are... self-doubt, insecurity... Hopefully I get spend more time nurturing that pretty plant in the picture and not defending it so much. I can let the light in me shine, and not worry about the shadows so much.
2 - What could you do with taking with you into this year? 8 of Chalices. To me this signals a journey with a definite prize at the end. I've already planned more classes to take professionally and personally/spiritually.
3 - And what new habit/intention/baby step would be positive to learn/adopt? XV The Devil... I am sure it's not telling me to give into temptation. LOL! I actually see this as more about conserving resources and purging... living more simply to not be tempted. Scale back... only get/keep what you need. But I also see something somewhat happy about this little guy... he is an awfully cute creature.

I'm sure I'll think of more later... pretty tired right now.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Animal Totems...

I did my Animal Totem reading for the new year. I used my Pathfinder's deck.

Here are my 2010 Animal Friends...

Cockroach, Shark & Elephant.

The first thing I notice is that both Cockroach and Shark has some pretty big similarities... Survival, Efficient, Keen Senses, Stealthy...

The Cockroach almost has me concerned something big will happen that I need to "survive" through... However there are many more messages... to not wasteful, Recycle, to not be a pest (or would it be to be a pest?).

The Shark... control of emotion, purposeful, always moving, keen senses... I kinda like the Shark. Also seeing get rid of excess stuff... cockroach sort of says that too... only get it if you can use it.

The Elephant... very different messages to me... Ancient Wisdom (though I guess the other 2 could go with this also), Fertility, Wealth, Good Luck, Family, Intellegence, Longevity. As much as I don't want to have a "favorite", Elephant is...
Something else about Elephant... 2010 is an Empress year. I see similarity in these two. The maternal instinct/family aspect mainly. Need to think on this some more.

I'm sure I will gain more insight and have more to say as I research more and spend time with them.

One other thing... we actually have a colony of Roaches we breed. We have Bearded Dragons and they eat them. Yes they are big tropical roaches. Mostly I don't touch them... they creep me out. Pretty much all bugs do.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: A Soul Journey

This blog will be for all of my hobby endeavors. Some of them overlap with my professional life as well.

Each week I will be doing a Deck Reflection Study with an "as yet to be determined" tarot deck. Here are the choices... The Fey, The Tarot of Dreams, and Legacy of the Divine.

I will intersperse this with readings from other decks, and just general musings.

So lets start off with a poll of which deck you all would rather see me get in depth with... Um... if I remember how. :)