Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: A Soul Journey

This blog will be for all of my hobby endeavors. Some of them overlap with my professional life as well.

Each week I will be doing a Deck Reflection Study with an "as yet to be determined" tarot deck. Here are the choices... The Fey, The Tarot of Dreams, and Legacy of the Divine.

I will intersperse this with readings from other decks, and just general musings.

So lets start off with a poll of which deck you all would rather see me get in depth with... Um... if I remember how. :)


  1. I voted for Legacy for purely selfish reasons - I have the deck and I'm interested to hear your experiences!

  2. I didn't vote, I'd be interested in reading about your experiences with any of these decks. No help, I know....sorry.

    :) Leigh

  3. I vote for "legacy of the divine tarot".